5th International Workshop on Social Sensing (SocialSens 2020)

Special Edition on Narrative Analysis on Social Media

An ICWSM 2020 Full-Day Workshop

The social sensing workshop (started in 2015) is a multidisciplinary meeting place that brings together social scientists and computer scientists, interested in social media analysis, around research that interprets social media as measurement instruments. Social media democratized information production offering an unprecedented view into human habits, customs, culture, stances, and indeed descriptions of physical events that transpire in the world. They also give unprecedented opportunities to spread misinformation, influence opinion, distract from truth, or advance specific agendas, hidden or overt. What are scientific foundations for modeling this new communication channel? How to exploit information media signals to better understand social systems, communities, and each other? How to identify and remove noise and misuse of this medium? If social media are measurement instruments, what specifically can one measure, what underlying theory allows one to do so, and what applications are enabled by the endeavor? Traditional sensors in physical domains respond to signals with well-understood behaviors and propagation models. What can one learn from physical signal processing literature to enable novel social media analysis methods? This scope brings about new interdisciplinary research challenges and opportunities at the intersection of communication and sensing, social network analysis, information theory, data mining, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and social science.

Important Dates

Paper submission: April 19th

Notification: May 10th

Final manuscript submission: TBD

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